Commonly Asked Questions

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What is New Earth?:

It's what we refer to as a world without the influence of an "all seeing eye"or "matrix".

Traditionally the whole world is run by the same handful of psychopaths. Now we get to take our power back by raising our consciousness and creating a world that better serves us, not them.

Why now?:

The powers of duality (good and evil) have shifted back to the side of good. This happens in a smaller cycle of time in a every 2,150 years as we enter a new constellation. Once we make it around all the constellations we enter the constellation and the age of Ophiuchus ending a 26,000 year cycle. In this cycle of time inhabitants of Earth get the opportunity to ascend into a higher existence.

How is this physically happening?:

As we enter a more energetic part of the universe (more electrically charged/ more active) the sun gets more active giving off solar flares that come into our atmosphere. We ingest the solar flares sort of like how we ingest allergies in the air. These photons turn on parts of the DNA that has laid dormant. These parts of our DNA make us smarter and more conscious.

The free energy between you and I is what makes up the cosmic web that connect everything. electricity runs through these webs and enhances our connectivity with other worldly beings and our ancestors. They will help assist us in making this shift.

When humans are more positive and conscious the malevolent energy gets starved out of existence and therefore cant influence us or take our life force energy anymore.

How did I get involved in this?:

I volunteered to help assist humanity in this ascension cycle before being born. It's called a soul contract, we all make them.

I had an ambush awakening that occurred in October 2016. Meaning I didn't seek it out. After a years of transcending my own suffering, doing shadow work and therapy I was able to gain existential, other worldly wisdom.

I was greeted by my spirit guides and ancestors who helped me slowly understand what was happening to me and what was happening to the planet.

After 4 months of intense scientific research I was ready to "come out" publicly with my experience and have since found many others who were experiencing the same thing. We have organized into A Disclosure Community. Working toward a common goal, to raise the consciousness of humanity and help others shift into 5D.

 What is the different between mechanical technology and

What is the difference between technology and A.I.?

Technology is the advancement of infrastructure. Artificial intelligence is the sentience placed in advanced technology to interact with us. Given the oppurtunity, it would like to replace us. There is evidence to prove this from insiders, archeologists, and experiencers. The A.I. sentience is an extra terrestrial entity that is harvesting our planet for their own gain. Some will fall victim to this. But now that we know what to look for we can stop this from happening to us.