Ignoring Emotional Wounding is no Longer an Option. Here's why...

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You might have notices something is definitely up lately in the world... and you're right!

Things are changing because the planetary elements are changing in position and upgrading in energy. wtf does that mean? Well there is a cosmic web that runs between you and I and the who universe its essentially water at an atomic level but it carries electricity, energy to and from all life. So when we say "energy" we essentially mean electricity revving up or slowing down. It comes from astrological points of reference. You are not immune to astrology by the way...

So New Earth is the future tense version of the planet once it moves fully out of Pisces and into the 13th Zodiac, Ophiuchus. 

Ophiuchus is ruled by Chiron which pulls out our aspects of trauma to the surface to be reevaluated.

But this time around you have to do more than just evaluate your wounds and traumas. You have to heal them. Don't freak out!! Everything during this cycle of time is set up to help you heal these wounds fast. There is so much energetic, angelic, aetheric support all around you and within you. All you have to do is start trying. baby steps.

When you heal trauma you activate the high heart energy which better connects you to everyone and everything. It supercharges your DNA and makes you happy, healthy and well, sort of super human!

And speaking of health, your ailments are linked to your emotional wounding. Sounds crazy, I know. But its true. We are a polarized universe of balance and harmony, Sacred Geometry, yin and yang... It might sound hippy dippy and crazy but its not. This is the New Earth and we're here now. 

Please email me if you have any questions or are feeling stumped: LaurenPritchardAscension@gmail.com

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