GMOs are the new cigarettes.


Reduce Your Consumption of GMOs for Weight loss, Mental Clarity, Pain Management, Infertility/Sterility, Allergies, and So Much More... 

We've all heard the term, GMO. And don't be surprised, many people don't know what a GMO is.

GMO stand for Genetically Modified Organism. It's food that isn't made organically from earth and soil. It has been genetically modified to suit the interests of big corporations like Monsanto, the restaurant industry, and frightening enough, our healthcare industry. And that's what I want to focus on in this article.

besides the fact that GMOs are directly linked to infertility, sterility, chronic ailments, depression, anxiety here's a less common top I would like to cover...

The healthcare industry banks off your consumption of GMOs. Well, when talking about the healthcare system these days (as we come out of the dark ages) we are more or less referring to the pharmaceutical industry. The quality of our mass produced food has gotten so incredibly poor it's literally killing us. In a shorter time frame, it's making us reliant on the broken system we pay way too much to participate in and aren't even solutions!

Take depression and anxiety for example, imagine how something so simple as switching diet to all organic non-GMO could fix mental ailments. 

And after eating its not normal to feel tired. In fact you should feel quite the opposite (after 20 mins)

We are so conditioned to point to different causes of our ailments that we don't seek the root of the problem and 9 time out of 10 it's our food. 

Even with genetic ailments, we can significantly reduce our chances of predisposed conditions by changing our diet. I don't think that is news but I do think that many people haven't researched GMOs.

And now for my favorite part: lets talk about timelines... We are in a transitional time in history where we are literally given the opportunity to change our DNA through natural upgrades.  The sun particles and connectedness to the earth is giving us everything we need to change our genetics. We have to put in the work to upgrade and ascend. A lot of this ascension simply comes from the awareness of everything we encounter day to day. Our food, water, waste, communications with others, contributions, connectedness to the earth.

So I invite you to take a good look at what you're consuming. Do your own research. If you are bogged down by ailments and the costly, non-solution oriented healthcare system know that it start with you and taking your power back to heal yourself.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on this topic. Stay tuned for more to come...