If You're Not Using Your Powers of Manifestation You Could Be Confusing The Universe


as a human you are a multi-dimensional being with powers to create your reality through your mind. Many people don't know this because this power has been stripped out of our dense 3d reality in a war on consciousness.

But its true, you really do create your reality based on your thoughts, alignments, and words. And because of the times we are in now, you can do this really fast!

I'm not saying you can  instantly manifest a million dollars into your bank account but things that are in alignment with your soul purpose are readily available for you to create.

First of all I would like to mention how things can inhibit your powers of manifestation. These would be some of the greatest crimes against humanity... So you create your reality through your mind and the mind is certainly separate from the brain however, the brain needs to be functioning at an optimal level in order for this to work. 

Start recognizing the attacks on your brain and your physical body so you can then start to heal and bring back your power. 

Here are 5 ways our environment has been altered to inhibit our abilities:

1. pharmaceutical drugs- alter the flow of information 

2. metals in our environment sprayed in the air- (the worst one) If your thoughts are electricity, think about what nano particles of metal might do to your nervous system. Also consider the fact that when you use your powers of manifestation you access deep codes of your DNA. These projects are administered for the sole purpose of inhibiting your DNA.

Don't believe me? How about: error on the side of caution...

You can detox by drinking a liter of FIJI water a day and/or using Chlorophyll drops in your water. There's also products on the market coming out to help. Do some research on how to avoid the effects of chemtrails.

3. Over Stimulation-

We are programmed to be doing something at every moment even if its just tinkering around on our cell phones. This doesn't leave much room for "natural information" to come in.

4. unhealthy diet- anything thats NOT organic-non-GMO is unhealthy. Sounds extreme but it's true. Especially if your source is coming from Monsanto or Sysco. In the south we have supply coming from Mexico so it seems to be not as bad. Monsanto however is literally trying to shrink the population.

don't believe me? error on the side of caution or do your own research. These things aren't secrets. It's karmic law that they have to be 'known' in order to have blind consent to the evil things they do.

5. Controlling you with your own emotions- News and media would like to distract you from worrying about yourself. They bombard you with other things to care about.

How about that CNN article yesterday morning headline: Baby Ripped From Mother's Arms. Yes, that is sad and all but how are you supposed to heal yourself and tap into your abilities when you're constantly being fed the weight of the world on your shoulders?

I understand that this has been a message of doom and gloom but its very important that we start to recognize these things so that we can be healthy and happy. 

OK now that we have addressed the physiological part of manifesting let's move on...

Manifesting your reality is easy! 5 ways....

1. Simply think about the things that you want.

Try not to focus on things you don't want because when you consistently focus on what you don't want, it doesn't really paint a clear picture of what you do want.

keep your thoughts positive, release judgement of others, give love and kindness unconditionally and authentically. Authentically meaning, don't spread false light. If you're feeling like shit, take the time to focus your energy on yourself. Don't spread fake vibes. And don't spread yourself thin.

2. Write down the things you want and/or say them out loud

The car is a good place to talk to your higher dimensional self and spirit guides. if you're too shy to do it at home. I don't know why, but the car always feels like a safe place, haha.

your words are creation- literally. (So be careful what you say out loud!)

3. Start to align yourself with the things you are trying to manifest-

I've noticed that if you put in small advances towards the things that suit your highest and best good, you get way more in return. (That's because of how fast things are moving now as we enter a more energetic part of the universe.)

It's really a no brainer. If you want to meet more people, you are going to go be around more people.

4. Don't be so hard on yourself

You can only do one thing at a time so do that.

 If your goal is to stop drinking, maybe you limit yourself to going out 2 nights a week. If one week you slip up and went out every night, that's ok. Don't beat yourself up about it.

But don't NOT beat yourself up about it either... To be honest you gotta go with your own guidance on this one. This is a paradox for me. We are human, we make mistakes until we really don't want to make them anymore. That's just how I see it.

But I do think this is exactly where good diet, detoxing from environmental and pharmaceutical damage, and exercise come into play. If someone is having a hard time, it makes life alot easier when their physical vessel is operating at its highest potential.

5. MOVE that energy around! What does that mean? invite movement into your body, exercise, walk, do yoga,

start small and increase as you go

don't know what you want?

The things you should be manifesting could be unclear at first. But these things are stored inside the energy centers of your body, your chakra energies.

get some movement flowing through these areas by looking them up, getting some movement in these areas, and drinking lots of water to get things moving.

OK you don't have to do all this, you can just ask.

Say out loud "What is it that I should be manifesting?" with intention!

or "What the hell am I doing!?" ... "The fuck am I supposed to do here!?" Any of those will do...

then instead of trying to think of the answer, let that answer come to you.

Questions or comments? Reach out via email: LaurenPritchardAscension@gmail.com