Protect Your DNA

ascended dna.jpeg

What is DNA really?

we know its the codes that write out cells but did you know that it hold a lot more information than that? Scientists call most of our DNA "Junk DNA" because they don't actually know what it is.

Your DNA is coded with all of your human life force and the spirit that is uniquely you.

Everything occurring naturally these days is crucial to the upgrade of your DNA into a more advanced being. There are many other factors that are put in place to inhibit this advancement.

So it's important to actively participate in the ascension of your DNA in order to move forward in humanity.

1. Eat Clean - All organic NON GMO. demand it at your restaurants. You demand good service, don't you? Why wouldn't you demand that your food not be literal poison (l i t e r a l).

2. Detox from Metals in Chemtrails- its not a conspiracy, the puppet people think this is actually a good thing they are doing but the all seeing eye has a darker agenda for it. They are packed with metals like aluminum to inhibit the advancement of your DNA. The easiest way to detox is through water with Chlorophyll drops in it, preferably fluoride filtered water. Also FIJI water has a silica molecule which is quartz that will flush out aluminum.

Our bodies are in fact becoming more crystalline.

3. Meditate and Practice Yoga- Yoga is a 5,000 year old tradition. It is your quickest and healthiest way to a mind body connection. We are in fact healing and upgrading the body and DNA through the mind essentially. If you're too shy or don't have the funds to attend a class please check out my friend and soul sister, Adriene on her YouTube Channel: Yoga with Adriene


And stay tuned for our podcast episode-- coming soon!!

4. Find Ways to be Happy - If we have brought back anything from ancient medicine to our modern day world it is that happiness is fundamental to all over health and wellbeing.

5. Tap into the Sacred Heart- The energy of the heart chakra is the strongest connection we have with each other. unity is something that indeed improves our quality of health and longevity. It has the power to heal in mysterious ways. Tap into the sacred heart by loving unconditionally and without judgement. Mastering this ability will enhance your ascended DNA code.