The Era of False Idols is Over

I just came across Tiffany Fitzhenry’s article “ The Era of Celebrity Influence is Over” from a post by Ben Chasteen.

I love her writing style, she uses curse words! Enough of the formalities, this is us being real and authentic.

Anyways she explains as an insider how this whole Hollywood thing works, where they have to have some sort of power over you as blackmail. These people have done nothing but feed into the satanic rituals that trickle down to the bane of our society. They could however turn around and actually start doing good things. And keep in mind here that its a karmic law that they have to undo some of the damage done by donating to charities and shit. So don’t let that smoke screen fool you. They love throwing money at the problem. And they want you to do it to because we have been their slaves. Hillary Clinton urges us in a recent tweet that we need to throw money at climate change. well that bitch knows better than anyone that climate change is not man made, that this is a galactic cycle of time where the planet is waking up and she wants to keep as many people as sleepy as possible so she can harvest their souls for her next insidious endeavor, the trans-humanism agenda.