A Trip Around the World in 5 minutes...

Once in a great while I get the conscious choice to interact with my guides/planetary guardians in theta sleep (the stage in-between sleeping and waking up). My head starts to vibrate and if I participate I get more intense vibrations until I’m completely under. But still having the free will to quit at any time.

I feel like this day in age it's safe to share these type of interactions.

They showed me another earth like planet headed for this one. As this one was being morphed by a particular race of ETs. You could probably guess who they are. I’ll give you a hint, they’re green and clammy. It was shown as if they were ‘flushing this one down the toilet’. It was swirling.

new earth.jpg

They confirmed the flying cars on the New Earth.

new earth flying car.jpg

They showed people tailoring their identities on their phone as if they were picking out flattering traits only of themselves.

vanity phones.jpeg
populated beach.jpg

They brought me to a well populated beach in America to contrast it to the next stop, a beach that was washing up miles of trash on their shores.

beach with garbage.jpg

You might have seen it being reported on in the Dominican Republic. But it felt like somewhere else in the world not being reported on…