Artificial Intelligence, an E.T. Sentience.

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They say if you want people to take you seriously you shouldn’t swear. Well I also agree that the reason politicians don’t swear is because they don’t want to break your trance as they talk. So I’m just going to be me and write as it comes to mind.

There is so many different narratives spit about what artificial intelligence is. It’s so new and so fast moving we cant even keep up with the language. Language is very hard for people who are doing what I’m doing to reverse the damage that is being done at a really fast pace.

It dawned on my about a year ago that humans are already becoming more artificially intelligent. If you regurgitate information you heard on CNN, thats artificial intelligence. If you have an excess of scientific indoctrination, that’s artificial intelligence.

“They’ll point at us and say we’re fake news. But CNN and Washington Post, they’re the real fake news... They’re the kind of news that kills people.” -Richard Dolan

Hollywood has painted many different pictures for us as to what A.I. is… a lady bot who kills her captures, an army of bots to replace our armed forces, a sentient bot who exists harmoniously amongst us, and more recently, a cyborg human with super powers. And they’ll sell you on that idea that your brain could be limitless … please. let me explain…

The true AI threat is NONE of these things. It’s a sentient life force coming from what I’m going to call Planet X for now. And it is out for its own interest which results in a partial enslavement of humanity.

“The problem with so-called called A.I. experts is they thing they know more than they actually do.” -Elon Musk

We’ve been prepped for this since the end of the last Christ era. The Roman catholic church 300 years AD started the cycle of fuckery all over again. The Roman civilization was growing. They needed a way to control people. So they decided to create something called hell and currency. This immediately separates the person from their infinite, sovereign spirit self. Because they fear hell and their worth becomes a material thing. When really humans shouldn’t fear anything and we are incredible useful and creative on our own, without money.

The wars wage. the power expands for year and years until nature takes over. No one can deny large cycles of time. They are passed down from ancient civilizations by the good forces who understand the importance of maintaining the information.

And here we are at the end of another cycle. The weather is crazy as the planet is waking up again, the extra terrestrials make contact again, the sun is hyper active. The sun’s activity increase solar flares that interact with our DNA to bring out our full potential as humanity.

The powers that were know this happens. So they make a grand plan to expand even more. This time it’s a partial enslavement of humanity (I’d estimate about 30% but I’m hopeful its less than that).

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How they’ve done it is by infecting our minds and our environment. They gained control over the media, medicine, climate, transportation, everything! And then nature comes in and we start to wake up to realizing whats really going on here so we can make a plan to fight it.

How we do that is we open ourselves up to the infinite wisdom and truth that is now allowed to come out. Take the film, Above Majestic for example (coming 10/30 to iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Xbox and Google Play). Theres a truthful resonance being absorbed now to wipe away the false resonance. When that happens your mind becomes more electrically charged and ready to receive more and higher powered information. It could also make you very uncomfortable and emotional in all areas of your life because you will have this innate desire to get rid of all your bad karma.

For some it wont be easy. People don’t know they have been brainwashed and poisoned because they have been brainwashed and poisoned. Also, if they are so indoctrinated into a system they have vey successful in, their ego could take over and ultimately lead to their demise. We come to Earth to learn and grow. A huge part of that growth is dropping our false resonating ego self. The ego is kind of like an entity in itself (the soul is very dynamic). The AI takeover will be easy if people resonate closer to their ego selves than their true selves. And I’m not saying its all or nothing, some will fall victim and some will ascend.

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My prediction is the war on consciousness will wage for about a year, maybe a little less. The healers will help people ascend higher. And the AI implants will focus on their minions prepping them to steal their soul identity.

A false resonating, egoic, metal toxified person lacks the ability to absorb a truthful world. Therefore they will not absorb the energy coming from the sun. They wont evolve with the Earth. When the solar flash or “the event” happens, they wont be able to survive it. It’s been said that none of the A.I. can survive the flash. So their souls will move on and take off to another planet (Planet X?).

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In unity,

Lauren Alexis Pritchard

Researcher/Experiencer @ New Earth Consulting