Preparing for the Spring Equinox

The Spring equinox, like any planetary event this year, will come with massive changes in the consciousness of humanity.

on 3/21 we will be entering a portal of new and better energy than ever before.

It is vital that we align our physical bodies to match the vibration of the planet.

cut out: meat, alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, wheat, corn syrup, canola oil, GMO food, processed food, commercial grade food, sugar

Detox is the new multivitamin. Remove excess metals with diatomaceous earth, 1 tsp am/pm: 8oz. water. Diatomaceous earth has silica in it which has been proven to remove excess metal through the urine after 28 days.

Filter your water of fluoride. See Berkey or Seychelle filters.

meditate 5 minutes a day. Bring in light the same way you bring in food and water.

Start your mission. The only way to break free of a monetary matrix is to actually do it. Find abundance in resources and community, not money.

Don’t overpay your debts. Stop giving money away that you don’t need to.

Be kind.

Check your energies are in balance. We should have all the traits in white and none in black:

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 8.21.11 PM.png

Book a session with me.

30 min intuitive guidance - donation based

60 minute Ascension Coaching- $40

In unity,


The Winter Scaries

We clear ourselves to become more purified filters for the collective. 

The really dark, heavy stuff came through like being hit by a bus and you were out for a couple days. But now it’s like all this petty, surface level, ego distortions are running through like omg is it ever going to end?! (it is)

I will admit my greatest blockage is the imposition of others over me and my life. Not that I judge them or get mad at them but it’s like omg, what a swarm of bees (bees are lovely but you know what I mean). The boxes and labels, the “explain how you feel”, what are your thoughts on that entire person?…

The distortions we have allowed ourselves to create is beyond measure. Not saying this in like a debbie-downer way just pointing out the massive reality gap we are now bridging. 

People might say this is the worst time to be alive because there’s so much chaos well it’s actually the best time to be alive because it’s not that there wasn’t just as much chaos as before, we just didn’t get to see it. Full Disclosure is part of this ascension energy that is bringing everything to light within us and around us.

I really do think it’s without the use of our high heart energy we allow these sort of things to continue. The heart chakra energy is our ticket “out”.

… I caught a clip of some super-fancy-marketing-diva-guru who was trying to teach people how to sell services. She said you have to speak to what people want, not what they need. Saying they want to fit into skinny jeans but they need to diet and exercise. I’m like wtf? How do I market myself without having to go along with these societal distortion feedback loops? 

Winter is a weird time, nature’s way of ‘cleaning out the dusty basement.’

I hope you still find beauty in the journey.

In unity <3

Financial Reset, Manifesting Abundance in New Ways.

There is all this speculation about this financial reset as if it’s something we are waiting for. While that might be true for some, I think it’s primarily congruent with those who feel guided to start exiting the matrix and the monetary system now.

AI 24.jpg
Healers are the doctors of the future.

Healers are the doctors of the future.

Chinese Herbs Rx

Chinese Herbs Rx

Mass consumerism = planetary annihilation  “MADE IN CHINA” = blind consent

Mass consumerism = planetary annihilation

“MADE IN CHINA” = blind consent

Mindful consumerism

Mindful consumerism



Helping others

Helping others

Plan ahead. Maximize your time.

Plan ahead. Maximize your time.

Hold space for someone who is hurting.

Hold space for someone who is hurting.

Your thoughts create your reality, start there.

Or maybe you have already have thought about it and are ready to make the shift…

We will be collectively exiting the matrix slowly but then, at a certain point it will be a rapid release and shift and the era of disclosure will be over.

You might have noticed people exiting the healthcare system. First of all, we shouldn’t have a healthcare system. Emergency medicine and child birth will be the New Earth version of what healthcare was. People will take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. Mainly reducing stress by exiting the matrix and cutting out GMOs is what sparks it.

Natural Healers of New Earth will be the new doctors.

We are moving into a shared economy. People sharing their resources with others, talking to your neighbors again, reducing waste in all areas of life…

When you really think about it, how much do you spend as a result of you working so many hours? Much of it is subconscious. We work so hard we feel like we deserve to indulge and overspend.

One of the biggest problems with America, from the eyes of the rest of the world is we do SO MUCH damage to the rest of the world because of our consumerism and we NEVER get to see it. Well I have.

My guides showed me the shores of what I guessed to be Africa. I was invited to astral travel from a beautiful beach on the Atlantic to a completely polluted beach in Africa. It was annihilated with OUR garbage.

Look at where your products are coming from. Do you know how evil-doings have to have consent? Secrets hidden in plain sight?

Did you ever think that the “MADE IN CHINA” label was a form of occult consent?

Every time you buy something you don’t need made somewhere outside of the US, you are exploiting someone on the other side of the world. (yes, it’s dynamic. Just be mindful.)

Being mindful of WHAT you are doing at all times is a way to manifest wealth and abundance into your life. Keep in mind it might not be in the direct form of money, but sometimes it is.

When you are completely aligned with universal intelligence you will always been well taken care of.

Here are some other ways to manifest abundance into your life:

-Giving to the homeless

-Sharing your gifts and talents with others

-Sharing your resources

-Connecting with neighbors you might not know

-Buying used

-Reducing waste in all areas of life

-Don’t waste TIME. Think ahead and plan your day.

-Offering support to those waking up even if it’s just holding space for them.

-Self love (universal intelligence)

-Speaking out loud to your guides to have them assist you in the right direction

-Thinking good thoughts 

-Offering mutual respect for all humanity, especially the homeless.

-Take action.

Thank you for being the light.  In unity,  Lauren Alexis Pritchard

Thank you for being the light.

In unity,

Lauren Alexis Pritchard

The Era of False Idols is Over

I just came across Tiffany Fitzhenry’s article “ The Era of Celebrity Influence is Over” from a post by Ben Chasteen.

I love her writing style, she uses curse words! Enough of the formalities, this is us being real and authentic.

Anyways she explains as an insider how this whole Hollywood thing works, where they have to have some sort of power over you as blackmail. These people have done nothing but feed into the satanic rituals that trickle down to the bane of our society. They could however turn around and actually start doing good things. And keep in mind here that its a karmic law that they have to undo some of the damage done by donating to charities and shit. So don’t let that smoke screen fool you. They love throwing money at the problem. And they want you to do it to because we have been their slaves. Hillary Clinton urges us in a recent tweet that we need to throw money at climate change. well that bitch knows better than anyone that climate change is not man made, that this is a galactic cycle of time where the planet is waking up and she wants to keep as many people as sleepy as possible so she can harvest their souls for her next insidious endeavor, the trans-humanism agenda.

A Trip Around the World in 5 minutes...

Once in a great while I get the conscious choice to interact with my guides/planetary guardians in theta sleep (the stage in-between sleeping and waking up). My head starts to vibrate and if I participate I get more intense vibrations until I’m completely under. But still having the free will to quit at any time.

I feel like this day in age it's safe to share these type of interactions.

They showed me another earth like planet headed for this one. As this one was being morphed by a particular race of ETs. You could probably guess who they are. I’ll give you a hint, they’re green and clammy. It was shown as if they were ‘flushing this one down the toilet’. It was swirling.

new earth.jpg

They confirmed the flying cars on the New Earth.

new earth flying car.jpg

They showed people tailoring their identities on their phone as if they were picking out flattering traits only of themselves.

vanity phones.jpeg
populated beach.jpg

They brought me to a well populated beach in America to contrast it to the next stop, a beach that was washing up miles of trash on their shores.

beach with garbage.jpg

You might have seen it being reported on in the Dominican Republic. But it felt like somewhere else in the world not being reported on…

Artificial Intelligence, an E.T. Sentience.

ai 50.jpg

They say if you want people to take you seriously you shouldn’t swear. Well I also agree that the reason politicians don’t swear is because they don’t want to break your trance as they talk. So I’m just going to be me and write as it comes to mind.

There is so many different narratives spit about what artificial intelligence is. It’s so new and so fast moving we cant even keep up with the language. Language is very hard for people who are doing what I’m doing to reverse the damage that is being done at a really fast pace.

It dawned on my about a year ago that humans are already becoming more artificially intelligent. If you regurgitate information you heard on CNN, thats artificial intelligence. If you have an excess of scientific indoctrination, that’s artificial intelligence.

“They’ll point at us and say we’re fake news. But CNN and Washington Post, they’re the real fake news... They’re the kind of news that kills people.” -Richard Dolan

Hollywood has painted many different pictures for us as to what A.I. is… a lady bot who kills her captures, an army of bots to replace our armed forces, a sentient bot who exists harmoniously amongst us, and more recently, a cyborg human with super powers. And they’ll sell you on that idea that your brain could be limitless … please. let me explain…

The true AI threat is NONE of these things. It’s a sentient life force coming from what I’m going to call Planet X for now. And it is out for its own interest which results in a partial enslavement of humanity.

“The problem with so-called called A.I. experts is they thing they know more than they actually do.” -Elon Musk

We’ve been prepped for this since the end of the last Christ era. The Roman catholic church 300 years AD started the cycle of fuckery all over again. The Roman civilization was growing. They needed a way to control people. So they decided to create something called hell and currency. This immediately separates the person from their infinite, sovereign spirit self. Because they fear hell and their worth becomes a material thing. When really humans shouldn’t fear anything and we are incredible useful and creative on our own, without money.

The wars wage. the power expands for year and years until nature takes over. No one can deny large cycles of time. They are passed down from ancient civilizations by the good forces who understand the importance of maintaining the information.

And here we are at the end of another cycle. The weather is crazy as the planet is waking up again, the extra terrestrials make contact again, the sun is hyper active. The sun’s activity increase solar flares that interact with our DNA to bring out our full potential as humanity.

The powers that were know this happens. So they make a grand plan to expand even more. This time it’s a partial enslavement of humanity (I’d estimate about 30% but I’m hopeful its less than that).

poss 14.png

How they’ve done it is by infecting our minds and our environment. They gained control over the media, medicine, climate, transportation, everything! And then nature comes in and we start to wake up to realizing whats really going on here so we can make a plan to fight it.

How we do that is we open ourselves up to the infinite wisdom and truth that is now allowed to come out. Take the film, Above Majestic for example (coming 10/30 to iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Xbox and Google Play). Theres a truthful resonance being absorbed now to wipe away the false resonance. When that happens your mind becomes more electrically charged and ready to receive more and higher powered information. It could also make you very uncomfortable and emotional in all areas of your life because you will have this innate desire to get rid of all your bad karma.

For some it wont be easy. People don’t know they have been brainwashed and poisoned because they have been brainwashed and poisoned. Also, if they are so indoctrinated into a system they have vey successful in, their ego could take over and ultimately lead to their demise. We come to Earth to learn and grow. A huge part of that growth is dropping our false resonating ego self. The ego is kind of like an entity in itself (the soul is very dynamic). The AI takeover will be easy if people resonate closer to their ego selves than their true selves. And I’m not saying its all or nothing, some will fall victim and some will ascend.

war on consciousness.jpg

My prediction is the war on consciousness will wage for about a year, maybe a little less. The healers will help people ascend higher. And the AI implants will focus on their minions prepping them to steal their soul identity.

A false resonating, egoic, metal toxified person lacks the ability to absorb a truthful world. Therefore they will not absorb the energy coming from the sun. They wont evolve with the Earth. When the solar flash or “the event” happens, they wont be able to survive it. It’s been said that none of the A.I. can survive the flash. So their souls will move on and take off to another planet (Planet X?).

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call me or email me at

Please support my cause on Patreon, Paypal, and GoFundMe. My work is entirely donation based.

And if you would like to collaborate, I am available to speak about this. I’m trying to get the information to as many people as I can as fast as I can.

Please at least pass along the info.

In unity,

Lauren Alexis Pritchard

Researcher/Experiencer @ New Earth Consulting

Ignoring Emotional Wounding is no Longer an Option. Here's why...

Welcome to my page!

I realize I should probably start an email list to do these in email form. That's something to look forward to...

You might have notices something is definitely up lately in the world... and you're right!

Things are changing because the planetary elements are changing in position and upgrading in energy. wtf does that mean? Well there is a cosmic web that runs between you and I and the who universe its essentially water at an atomic level but it carries electricity, energy to and from all life. So when we say "energy" we essentially mean electricity revving up or slowing down. It comes from astrological points of reference. You are not immune to astrology by the way...

So New Earth is the future tense version of the planet once it moves fully out of Pisces and into the 13th Zodiac, Ophiuchus. 

Ophiuchus is ruled by Chiron which pulls out our aspects of trauma to the surface to be reevaluated.

But this time around you have to do more than just evaluate your wounds and traumas. You have to heal them. Don't freak out!! Everything during this cycle of time is set up to help you heal these wounds fast. There is so much energetic, angelic, aetheric support all around you and within you. All you have to do is start trying. baby steps.

When you heal trauma you activate the high heart energy which better connects you to everyone and everything. It supercharges your DNA and makes you happy, healthy and well, sort of super human!

And speaking of health, your ailments are linked to your emotional wounding. Sounds crazy, I know. But its true. We are a polarized universe of balance and harmony, Sacred Geometry, yin and yang... It might sound hippy dippy and crazy but its not. This is the New Earth and we're here now. 

Please email me if you have any questions or are feeling stumped:

In unity,



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GMOs are the new cigarettes.


Reduce Your Consumption of GMOs for Weight loss, Mental Clarity, Pain Management, Infertility/Sterility, Allergies, and So Much More... 

We've all heard the term, GMO. And don't be surprised, many people don't know what a GMO is.

GMO stand for Genetically Modified Organism. It's food that isn't made organically from earth and soil. It has been genetically modified to suit the interests of big corporations like Monsanto, the restaurant industry, and frightening enough, our healthcare industry. And that's what I want to focus on in this article.

besides the fact that GMOs are directly linked to infertility, sterility, chronic ailments, depression, anxiety here's a less common top I would like to cover...

The healthcare industry banks off your consumption of GMOs. Well, when talking about the healthcare system these days (as we come out of the dark ages) we are more or less referring to the pharmaceutical industry. The quality of our mass produced food has gotten so incredibly poor it's literally killing us. In a shorter time frame, it's making us reliant on the broken system we pay way too much to participate in and aren't even solutions!

Take depression and anxiety for example, imagine how something so simple as switching diet to all organic non-GMO could fix mental ailments. 

And after eating its not normal to feel tired. In fact you should feel quite the opposite (after 20 mins)

We are so conditioned to point to different causes of our ailments that we don't seek the root of the problem and 9 time out of 10 it's our food. 

Even with genetic ailments, we can significantly reduce our chances of predisposed conditions by changing our diet. I don't think that is news but I do think that many people haven't researched GMOs.

And now for my favorite part: lets talk about timelines... We are in a transitional time in history where we are literally given the opportunity to change our DNA through natural upgrades.  The sun particles and connectedness to the earth is giving us everything we need to change our genetics. We have to put in the work to upgrade and ascend. A lot of this ascension simply comes from the awareness of everything we encounter day to day. Our food, water, waste, communications with others, contributions, connectedness to the earth.

So I invite you to take a good look at what you're consuming. Do your own research. If you are bogged down by ailments and the costly, non-solution oriented healthcare system know that it start with you and taking your power back to heal yourself.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on this topic. Stay tuned for more to come...


If You're Not Using Your Powers of Manifestation You Could Be Confusing The Universe


as a human you are a multi-dimensional being with powers to create your reality through your mind. Many people don't know this because this power has been stripped out of our dense 3d reality in a war on consciousness.

But its true, you really do create your reality based on your thoughts, alignments, and words. And because of the times we are in now, you can do this really fast!

I'm not saying you can  instantly manifest a million dollars into your bank account but things that are in alignment with your soul purpose are readily available for you to create.

First of all I would like to mention how things can inhibit your powers of manifestation. These would be some of the greatest crimes against humanity... So you create your reality through your mind and the mind is certainly separate from the brain however, the brain needs to be functioning at an optimal level in order for this to work. 

Start recognizing the attacks on your brain and your physical body so you can then start to heal and bring back your power. 

Here are 5 ways our environment has been altered to inhibit our abilities:

1. pharmaceutical drugs- alter the flow of information 

2. metals in our environment sprayed in the air- (the worst one) If your thoughts are electricity, think about what nano particles of metal might do to your nervous system. Also consider the fact that when you use your powers of manifestation you access deep codes of your DNA. These projects are administered for the sole purpose of inhibiting your DNA.

Don't believe me? How about: error on the side of caution...

You can detox by drinking a liter of FIJI water a day and/or using Chlorophyll drops in your water. There's also products on the market coming out to help. Do some research on how to avoid the effects of chemtrails.

3. Over Stimulation-

We are programmed to be doing something at every moment even if its just tinkering around on our cell phones. This doesn't leave much room for "natural information" to come in.

4. unhealthy diet- anything thats NOT organic-non-GMO is unhealthy. Sounds extreme but it's true. Especially if your source is coming from Monsanto or Sysco. In the south we have supply coming from Mexico so it seems to be not as bad. Monsanto however is literally trying to shrink the population.

don't believe me? error on the side of caution or do your own research. These things aren't secrets. It's karmic law that they have to be 'known' in order to have blind consent to the evil things they do.

5. Controlling you with your own emotions- News and media would like to distract you from worrying about yourself. They bombard you with other things to care about.

How about that CNN article yesterday morning headline: Baby Ripped From Mother's Arms. Yes, that is sad and all but how are you supposed to heal yourself and tap into your abilities when you're constantly being fed the weight of the world on your shoulders?

I understand that this has been a message of doom and gloom but its very important that we start to recognize these things so that we can be healthy and happy. 

OK now that we have addressed the physiological part of manifesting let's move on...

Manifesting your reality is easy! 5 ways....

1. Simply think about the things that you want.

Try not to focus on things you don't want because when you consistently focus on what you don't want, it doesn't really paint a clear picture of what you do want.

keep your thoughts positive, release judgement of others, give love and kindness unconditionally and authentically. Authentically meaning, don't spread false light. If you're feeling like shit, take the time to focus your energy on yourself. Don't spread fake vibes. And don't spread yourself thin.

2. Write down the things you want and/or say them out loud

The car is a good place to talk to your higher dimensional self and spirit guides. if you're too shy to do it at home. I don't know why, but the car always feels like a safe place, haha.

your words are creation- literally. (So be careful what you say out loud!)

3. Start to align yourself with the things you are trying to manifest-

I've noticed that if you put in small advances towards the things that suit your highest and best good, you get way more in return. (That's because of how fast things are moving now as we enter a more energetic part of the universe.)

It's really a no brainer. If you want to meet more people, you are going to go be around more people.

4. Don't be so hard on yourself

You can only do one thing at a time so do that.

 If your goal is to stop drinking, maybe you limit yourself to going out 2 nights a week. If one week you slip up and went out every night, that's ok. Don't beat yourself up about it.

But don't NOT beat yourself up about it either... To be honest you gotta go with your own guidance on this one. This is a paradox for me. We are human, we make mistakes until we really don't want to make them anymore. That's just how I see it.

But I do think this is exactly where good diet, detoxing from environmental and pharmaceutical damage, and exercise come into play. If someone is having a hard time, it makes life alot easier when their physical vessel is operating at its highest potential.

5. MOVE that energy around! What does that mean? invite movement into your body, exercise, walk, do yoga,

start small and increase as you go

don't know what you want?

The things you should be manifesting could be unclear at first. But these things are stored inside the energy centers of your body, your chakra energies.

get some movement flowing through these areas by looking them up, getting some movement in these areas, and drinking lots of water to get things moving.

OK you don't have to do all this, you can just ask.

Say out loud "What is it that I should be manifesting?" with intention!

or "What the hell am I doing!?" ... "The fuck am I supposed to do here!?" Any of those will do...

then instead of trying to think of the answer, let that answer come to you.

Questions or comments? Reach out via email:

Protect Your DNA

ascended dna.jpeg

What is DNA really?

we know its the codes that write out cells but did you know that it hold a lot more information than that? Scientists call most of our DNA "Junk DNA" because they don't actually know what it is.

Your DNA is coded with all of your human life force and the spirit that is uniquely you.

Everything occurring naturally these days is crucial to the upgrade of your DNA into a more advanced being. There are many other factors that are put in place to inhibit this advancement.

So it's important to actively participate in the ascension of your DNA in order to move forward in humanity.

1. Eat Clean - All organic NON GMO. demand it at your restaurants. You demand good service, don't you? Why wouldn't you demand that your food not be literal poison (l i t e r a l).

2. Detox from Metals in Chemtrails- its not a conspiracy, the puppet people think this is actually a good thing they are doing but the all seeing eye has a darker agenda for it. They are packed with metals like aluminum to inhibit the advancement of your DNA. The easiest way to detox is through water with Chlorophyll drops in it, preferably fluoride filtered water. Also FIJI water has a silica molecule which is quartz that will flush out aluminum.

Our bodies are in fact becoming more crystalline.

3. Meditate and Practice Yoga- Yoga is a 5,000 year old tradition. It is your quickest and healthiest way to a mind body connection. We are in fact healing and upgrading the body and DNA through the mind essentially. If you're too shy or don't have the funds to attend a class please check out my friend and soul sister, Adriene on her YouTube Channel: Yoga with Adriene


And stay tuned for our podcast episode-- coming soon!!

4. Find Ways to be Happy - If we have brought back anything from ancient medicine to our modern day world it is that happiness is fundamental to all over health and wellbeing.

5. Tap into the Sacred Heart- The energy of the heart chakra is the strongest connection we have with each other. unity is something that indeed improves our quality of health and longevity. It has the power to heal in mysterious ways. Tap into the sacred heart by loving unconditionally and without judgement. Mastering this ability will enhance your ascended DNA code.