Natural Organic Human ascension

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Mind. Body. Spirit.

First and foremost: Look at how our environment is bombarded with METAL (think A.I. cyborg humanity)…Makeup, hygiene products, deodorant, dry shampoo, vaccines, chemical trailing in the air, water pollution, pharmaceuticals etc…


  • Work towards unity consciousness. Equality in all.

  • Lose judgement. find compassion for humanity.

  • Self love

  • Be ready to change your mind about anything at anytime

  • Drop indoctrination from school, religion, money etc.

  • Gain understanding of mind control from TV, music, media of any kind.

  • Be a conscious consumer (reusable coffee and water cups etc.) Think about your actions as a micro that’s effecting the macro.


  • Cut the GMOs out

  • No more vaccines

  • Consume less meat and be a conscious meat eater

  • Ween off pharmaceuticals. Especially those that effect neurological functions. (work with a doctor or certified healer who understands the human ascension.)

  • Check out your water, make sure it isn’t too heavily fluorinated or just get a filter for fluoride. FIJI is the best for the ascension because it has Silica in it. (you can order jugs from their website to avoid using too many bottles)

  • move your body. sweat, detoxify, do yoga

  • Breathe! Take a moment to recognize your breath as your prana life force. It is powerful and healing to breathe deeply.

  • get plenty of rest but don’t medicate to sleep.


  • Recognize yourself as a powerful infinite spirit.

  • Understand that your have reincarnated many many times and have gained a lot of experience along the way.

  • You possess god-like abilities, try them out.

  • Meditate

  • Seek connectivity with your spiritual team of guides.

  • Fill yourself with power!, prana life force. Yoga, meditation, tai chi,running, whatever makes you feel powerful.

  • Recognize Jesus as your savior. Just kidding! He loves you unconditionally but he doesn’t need you to worship him. Drop that religious dogma!

  • So called God isn’t above you, he’s beside you. God IS you. It’s the Universal Intelligence.

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