I am an Ascension Coach. I help people attune their energy to match the ascension. The solar system isn’t stationary, it moves in a spiral around the universe. We are moving into a new, higher energetic part of the universe. This is the ending of a cycle of time. I help people just like you with a wide variety of things like healing, moving forward, and making big decisions.

“Lauren Pritchard represents a new generation of leaders in the discernment of truth and awareness of the deeper processes of our collective ascension. She possesses a unique ability to peer straight into the heart of a situation and call it for what it is with love and empowered awareness” -Matthew Mournian, Remember Your Mission

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Intuitive Guidance, 20 minutes, donation-based

Ascension Coaching, 40 minutes, $40

follow up email, basic astrology chart, and meeting recording included

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What to expect:

Intuitive guidance:

The appointment begins by gaining a connection in a higher plane of existence. I do this by initiating your higher self and your guides. I then conduct a conversation depending on what is needed and we go from there.

Ascension Coaching:

Solution oriented guidance to get you on track and moving in a positive direction. I have developed a formula that is proven effective. We will look at the physical aspect of the bodily ascension along with the conscious component.